1955 Year in Review

Don Collins won his first Speedbowl Championship in 1955

On December 16, 1954, Speedbowl Race Director Rex Records resigned as president of the United Stock Car Racing Club and formed his own American Auto Racing Club, which would sanction the races at the Speedbowl. United president Harvey Tattersall and his son Harvey Jr (who collectively owned 67% of United at the time) filed a $10,000 lawsuit against Records charging that he formed his AARC and negotiated contracts with drivers while still the President of United. Additionally, the Tattersalls filed a motion for a temporary injunction against Records to stop all AARC business until the suit was settled. However, Superior Court Judge John M. Comley dismissed the motion citing lack of evidence to the charges. The Tattersalls subsequently withdrew their claim for $10,000 in damages. The 1955 Speedbowl season opened on Easter Sunday under the AARC banner.

Driving his #106 car, Don Collins won 14 Sportsman Stock races to win his first career championship at the Speedbowl. His wins included four 50-lap events and a $1,000 to win Mid-Summer Championship 100 race in August. Bill Slater won 8 races, including four 50 lappers. Moe Gherzi won an early 50 lapper in May.

Lou Tetreault was the 1955 Non-Ford Champion at Waterford

In the Non-Ford division, Lou Tetreault drove both the #585 and #223 cars to the championship earning 13 wins overall, including three 50-lappers and the 100 lap event during the Mid-Summer Championship event. Hank Stevens won the other 50 lapper. Ted Dean was second to Tetreault in wins with 9.

The AARC struggled as the season went along. Many nights, Rex Records allowed Non-Ford cars to run with the Sportsman Stocks in their feature since the car counts were below average. Then later in the season, Sportsman Stocks were briefly replaced by Late Models as the headling division on Wednesdays nights, but this only last two weeks. Frankie Blum and Benny Derosier won those Late Model events. Jack Jacobs won a “European Car” special 50 lapper in July driving a Jaguar to the win.

In one of the more interesting promotions during the Speedbowl’s early days, Indian magician Kuda Box known as the “Man with X-ray Eyes” drove around the car completely blindfolded.

There were 13 rainouts during the year, the most of any season since the track opened.