Demo Derby Results

Demolition Derby action from the late 2000’s

INCOMPLETE – please contact us if you have any information on the missing results (??)

May 29, 1966Memorial Day Special EventBud Carlson A
Bob MacDonald A 
May 28, 1967Memorial Day Special EventBill Sweet
September 3, 1967 Labor Day SpectacularEd Yerrington
September 24, 1967CT Demo Derby ChampionshipsBill Sweet
May 30, 1968 Memorial Day Special EventEd Yerrington
August 8, 1971Open Comp Demo DerbyDick Ceravolo
June 8, 1975Sunday Demo SpecialEdmund Bragdon
July 13, 1975 Blackout ChampionshipMid Negrelli
July 13, 1975100-car ChampionshipBob Hall
August 31, 1975Labor Day Spectacular RAIN
May 29, 1976Memorial Day Weekend 100??
July 4, 19764th of July Sunday Special??
August 22, 1976Joey Chitwood Thrill Show??
June 12, 1977New England ChampionshipsRAIN
June 25, 1978Demolition Derby??
September 10, 1978Demolition Derby Special??
May 27 , 1979Memorial Day Special Event??
June 24, 1979Demolition Derby??
May 25, 1980Memorial Day Special Event??
June 21, 1980weekly Saturday eventStan Bollinger
September 13, 1980Demolition Derby??
June 28, 1981Super Stock SundayDawn LeBlanc
August 16, 1981 Demolition Derby??
August 29, 1982Sunday Demo Derby SpecialDon Steiner
October 17, 1982Sunday Demo Derby Special??
September 5, 1983Sunday Demo Derby Special?? 1
October 2, 1983Demolition DerbyRAIN
May 27, 1984 Sunday Demo Derby Special??
July 1, 1984Sunday Demo Derby Special??
July 29, 1984Sunday Demo Derby Special??
September 2, 1984Sunday Demo Derby Special??
September 3, 1984Labor Day Special??
May 26, 1985Sunday Demo Derby Special??
June 30, 1985Sunday Demo Derby Special??
July 28, 1985 Sunday Demo Derby Special??
Spetember 8, 1985 Sunday Demo Derby Special??
October 27, 1985 Sunday Demo Derby Special??
September 27, 1987Sunday Demo Derby SpecialRAIN
June 26, 1988Sunday Demo Derby SpecialBruce Thomas
October 29, 1988Autumn ExcitementCANCELLED
July 23, 1989Demolition DerbyBruce Lemanchek
May 26, 1991Family Fun NightBruce Thomas
August 4, 1991Sunday Stocker SeriesRAIN
 August 21, 1991 Waterford Week Special??
October 27, 1991Sunday Stocker Series??
March 22, 1992Sunday Stocker SeriesRAIN
May 3, 1992Sunday Stocker SeriesJohn Puglisi
June 21, 1992Father’s Day SpecialGary Young
August 2, 1992Sunday Stocker Series??
August 16, 1992Waterford Week SpecialRAIN
September 6, 1992Back to School NightDana Bodack
October 4, 1992Sunday Stocker SeriesBrandon Plemons
November 15, 1992Sunday Stocker Series??
May 2, 1993Sunday Stocker Series??
May 30, 1993Family Fun Night??
September 5, 1993Back to School NightRAIN
October 3, 1993Sunday Stocker SeriesJim Mann
April 10, 1994Sunday Stocker Series??
May 8, 1994Sunday Stocker SeriesRAIN
May 29, 1994Monster Truck ManiaGeorge Knauer
July 10, 1994Sunday Stocker Series??
August 6, 1994Coca-Cola Cool-Out??
September 4, 1994Back to School Night??
September 24, 1994Busch Racing Series event??
October 16, 1994Sunday Stocker Series??
May 28, 1995Memorial Day Spectacular??
July 2, 1995Strictly Stock Spectacular??
July 30, 1995Sunday Enduro??
August 27, 1995Sunday Enduro??
May 26, 1996Memorial Day Spectacular??Brandon Plemons
June 27, 1996Thursday Night ThunderShawn Monahan (truck)Bruce Thomas
July 11, 1996 Thursday Night ThunderMike Long
July 18, 1996Thursday Night Thunder??
August 1, 1996Thursday Night Thunder????
August 15, 1996Thursday Night ThunderCANCELLED
August 22, 1996Thursday Night ThunderJosh Allen
August 29, 1996Thursday Night ThunderBrandon Plemons
September 1, 1996Thursday Night ThunderRAINRAIN
September 29, 1996Sunday Demo Derby SpecialSteve OloskiBruce Thomas
June 8, 1997Sunday Demo Derby SpecialBryan JonesBrandon Plemons
July 10, 1997Thursday Night ThunderDwayne BakerRAIN
July 24, 1997Thursday Night ThunderRAIN
August 31, 1997Sunday Demo Derby SpecialEd BlackwoodJohn PuglisiBruce Thomas
October 26, 1997Sunday Demo Derby SpecialRAINRAIN
June 28, 1998Super Sunday SpectacularLarry BuckmanDonna DumainePete Aarsand
September 6, 1998Super Sunday SpectacularDon CulleyBob Broga
September 20, 1998Super Sunday SpectacularEd BlackwoodBob Broga
July 2, 1999 Night of Destruction????
September 5, 1999Super Sunday SpectacularCurt D’Addario Bob BrogaChad Wright
September 19, 1999Super Sunday SpectacularEd BlackwoodEugene Ryone
October 31, 1999Halloween HowlPete Aarsand (limo)
June 11, 2000Super Sunday SpectacularRich Swaney JrCurt D’Addario Jr
June 30, 2000Night of Destruction??????
August 25, 2000Back to School Bash??????
September 3, 2000Labor Day Special????
September 10, 2000Super Sunday Spectacular??
October 29, 2000Halloween HowlCANCELLEDCANCELLED
July 18, 2001Night of Destruction????Bruce Thomas 
September 2, 2001Back to School BashCurt D’Addario Bob AldenBruce Thomas 
John Cavanno
May 26, 2002Memorial Day MadnessJim ConsalvoJohn Lennier
June 21, 2002Night of DestructionJames MacIntoshMichael Saldamarco
September 1, 2002Back to School BashMatthew CrowleyDon CulleyRay Appell
May 25, 2003Memorial Day MadnessRAINRAIN
June 20, 2003Night of DestructionEd BlackwoodBob ChapmanRick Whittle
July 13, 2003Mid-Summer MadnessRoger DeMartinoCurt D’Addario Jr
August 31, 2003Back to School Bash??????
November 2, 2003Smacktoberfest??????
May 30, 2004Memorial Day Madness????
June 18, 2004Family Fun Night????
July 2, 2004Night of Destruction??????
September 5, 2004Back to School Bash??????
October 25, 2004Smacktoberfest??????
September 2, 2005Back to School BashPaul DuboisMichael SabiaRick Whittle
October 30, 2005SmacktoberfestMichael Patrick FoleyMichael Dempsey
May 28, 2006Memorial Day MadnessPaul DuboisDaniel Laraia
June 30, 2006Night of DestructionCraig ReginaDonna DumaineDuane Noll
Geoff Barrie
September 10, 2006Back to School Bash??????
October 22, 2006SmacktoberfestMike DempseyKarla Bragdon
May 28, 2007Memorial Day MadnessPaul DuboisMike McCarthy
July 1, 2007Night of DestructionTom DidumizioMichael SaldamarcoRich Kaupas
September 3, 2007Back to School BashDave MacIntoshDave MacIntoshMark Cooper
October 22, 2007SmacktoberfestTom DidumizioMichael Saldamarco
May 25, 2008Memorial Day MadnessSteve DuboisJim Mann
July 6, 2008Night of DestructionTim DuboisJake PattonBilly Batalooka
August 31, 2008Back to School BashSteve DuboisEd BlackwoodCANCELLED
October 12, 2008SmacktoberfestDave FrenchMichael Sabia
May 24, 2009Memorial Day MadnessKyle McPherson??
July 5, 2009Night of DestructionRobert Norman??
September 6, 2009Back to School BashJon Porter
October 25, 2009SmacktoberfestMatt HebertChuck McDonald
May 30, 2010Memorial Day MadnessMichael Shaw BCANCELLED B
October 23, 2010Smacktoberfest??
May 29, 2011Memorial Day MadnessDave MacIntosh
June 26, 2011No More Teachers BashBrad Voglesong
September 4, 2011Back to School BashHoward Lohmann
October 22, 2011SmacktoberfestTim Dubois
May 27, 2012Memorial Day MadnessDave MacIntosh
September 2, 2012Back to School BashDave MacIntosh
October 20, 2012SmacktoberfestDave MacIntosh
May 24, 2013Memorial Day MadnessSteve Dubois
June 28, 2013No More Teachers Bash RAIN
September 1, 2013Back to School BashEddy SmithRick Whittle
October 24, 2013SmacktoberfestMike Dempsky
May 25, 2014Memorial Day MadnessJim Mann
June 29, 2014No More Teachers BashJake Patten
September 21, 2014Back to School BashJake Patten 2
October 18, 2014SmacktoberfestJake Patten
May 24, 2015Memorial Day MadnessJake Patten
July 5, 2015Fourth of July Spectacular??
September 6, 2015Back to School Bash??Corey Coates
November 1, 2015SmacktoberfestChad Velez
July 3, 2016America’s Birthday BashRick Whittle
August 14, 2016Family Fun Night #2CANCELLEDCANCELLED
September 10, 2016Day of DestructionCANCELLEDCANCELLED
November 5, 2016Family Fun Night #4????
September 3, 2017Back to School BashBrian Baracico
October 28, 2017SmacktoberfestRAIN
August 25, 2018Back to School NightPete Cayre
October 27, 2018SmacktoberfestCANCELLED
October 31, 2020SmacktoberfestCANCELLEDKeith Kundahl