Division Abbreviation Key

Below is the abbreviation key used throughout speedbowlhistory.com for all Speedbowl divisions and touring series over the course of the track’s entire history.

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SKSK Modifiedsbegan in 1985; also called CT Modifieds (1988-1994)
LMLate Modelsbegan in 1977; also called Street Stocks (1977-1979), Super Stocks (1980-1986), American Challenge Series (1999-2000)
also includes American-Canadien Late Model Tour (ACT)
SSStreet Stocksbegan in 1988; also called Strictly Stocks (1988-1991; 1995-1999), Limited Sportsman (1992-1994; 2015-2017), Sportsman (2000-2008; 2018-2020)
also includes Northeast Street Stock Tour (NESST) and 375 Sportsman Series (375SM)
MSMini Stocksbegan in 1992;
also includes Northeast Mini Stock Tour (NEMST)
LCLegend Carsbegan in 1996 as regional touring series, weekly Speedbowl divisions started in 2001 (Wed) and 2002 (Sat);
SKLSK Lightsbegan in 2004 as X-Modifieds (2004-2011)
SXSuper X-Carsbegan in 2001
XCX-Carsbegan in 2001; also includes Seekonk Sport 4 (SPT4)
BNBandolerosbegan in 2009
TKTrucksbegan in 1997; also called American Race Trucks (1997-2002), All-Star Race Trucks (2003-2008), New England Truck Series (2011-2017)
8E8-cylinder Endurosbegan in 1985; active 1985-1991, 1996-2000; 2010 present
4E4-cylinder Endurosbegan in 1990; active 1990-1991, 1995-2000; 2010 present
OutOutlaw Stocksbegan in 2008; also includes Open Street Stocks (2020-present)


ModModifiedsweekly division from 1951-1984; open competitions & touring divisions 1985-present
also includes NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (NWMT), Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS), Modified Racing Series (MRS) and Modified Touring Series (MTS)
NFNon Fordsdefunct division from 1951-1961; also called Claiming Cars (1951-1952)
BomBombersdefunct division from 1958-1966
DGADaredevil/Grand Amdefunct division from 1965-1979; Daredevils (1965-1970), Sportsman Sedans (1971-1975), Grand Americans (1976-1979)
PSPure Stocksdefunct division from 1992-1995
ProSPro StocksOpen Competitions held between 1988-1995
ELMEarly Late ModelsOpen Competitions held between 1951-1965


ACTAmerican-Canadien Late Model Tour (2010-present)
ALNSAllison Legacy North Series; also includes New England 4-cyl Pro Stocks (2012)
ARTSAmerican Race Trucks (1997-2002), All-Star Race Trucks (2003-2008)
ATQMAAmerican 3/4 Midget Association (1975, 1993-1995, 2016-present)
GSPSSGranite State Pro Stock Series (2015-present)
ISMAInternational Super Modified Association (2005-present)
MTKMini Trucks (1997)
MTSModified Touring Series (2017)
NBNSNASCAR North Tour (1982-1983), NASCAR Busch North Series (2000-2006)
NEMANortheastern Midget Association (1953-present)
NEMALNortheastern Midget Association – Lites (2009-present)
NEMCNew England Mini-Cup Series (2014-2015)
NEMSTNortheast Street Stock Tour (2011-2017)
NESMNew England Sport Modifieds/Thompson Mods (2008)
NESSTNortheast Street Stock Tour (2015-2016)
NETSNew England Truck Series (2011-2017)
NWMTNASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (1985-1987, 1989; 2000-2006; 2012-2016)
PASSPro All Star Series
Pro4New England Pro-4 Modifieds (1980-present)
PTKPro Truck Tour (1998-2000)
SMAC350 Super Modified Atlantic Charter
TTOMSTri-Track Open Modified Series (2015-2016)
USACUnited States Auto Club – Ford Focus (2006-2007)
VMRSValenti Modified Racing Series (2006-present)
VOLKSVolkswagon / Formula V-cars (1968-1975)
375SM375 Sportsman Series (2017-present)