Street Stock Champions

2021 Street Stock Champion Doug Curry

Division Names:
Strictly Stocks (1988-1991), Limited Sportsman (1992-94), Strictly Stocks (1995-1999), Sportsman (2000-2008),
Street Stocks (2009-2014), Limited Sportsman (2015-2017), Sportsman (2018-2020) and Street Stocks (2021-present)

198838Bruce Adams200580Norm Root Jr
198969Allan Wohlstrom200615Dwayne Dorr
199051David Blain200715Dwayne Dorr
199128Mike Holdridge200852Al Stone III
199211xGlenn Boss200967Brandon Plemons
199311xGlenn Boss201052Al Stone III A
199494Charles Bailey III20117Ed Puleo
199538Bud Kuehne201216Walt Hovey Jr
199690Allen Coates201336Corey Hutchings
19974Chris “Moose” Douton201418Josh Galvin
199836Corey Hutchings201552Al Stone III
19994Chris “Moose” Douton201652Al Stone III
200059Ted Dupre201787Chris Meyer
200131Shawn Monahan20189Shawn Gaedeke
200295Adam Smith2019track closed
200383Ed Gertsch Jr202055Shawn Monahan
200413Keith Rocco20212Doug Curry

A also drove the #74 car

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