4-Cylinder Enduro Career Wins

Enduro action in front of a packed Speedbowl grandstands in 1985

INCOMPLETE – there are still 4-cylinder Enduro winners we have yet to verify.
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1Bruce Thomas Jr325
2Robert Pierson1214
3Eric Macey1113
Jason Paquette213
Ken Holbrook213
Pete Zaikarite Jr213
Shawn Monahan213
8Bruce Thomas22
Chuck Penachio22
James Moncrief22
Ray Carter112
Sherman Conlin22
13Brandon Lindhal11
C.P. Burdick11
Chad Nevin11
Chad Wright11
Chris Jones11
Dan Petit11
Dave Sullivan11
Dylan Cabral11
Eric Schwegel11
Harry Germaine11
Jim Nettleton11
John Cafazzo11
John Yagmin11
Kim Bickford11
Mike Fernald11
Mike Santoni11
Philip Lespinasse11
Rich Hammond11
Richard Brooks11
Rob Oloski11
Russ Buracchi11
Sam Mesick11
Steve Pinkham11
Tom Abele Sr11
T.J. Racicot11

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