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Former Modified Events

Don Bunnell in the #318 coupe he drove to a victory in the 1976 Bicentennial 200

Modified Championship Events

In the 1950's & 1960's, there were several "Championship" race promotions, usually named after the calendar month or whichever season of the year the event was held.  But during the 1960's, there were a string of events at the end of the season called "Modified Championships" that always attracted the Speedbowl's biggest stars.  The original and most common promotional title was the Connecticut State Modfiied Championship.  They varied in length from 50 laps to 100 laps, which the last 3 events were.  There was a different winner every time the event was run.  It was not run in 1967, returned for one year in 1968 before being discontinued permanently.

1962 Ted Stack 75 CT State Modified Championship
1963 George Pendergast 50 CT State Modified Championship
1964 Dick Dunn 75 New England Modified Championship
1965 Dick Watson 100 CT State Modified Championship
1966 Newt Palm 100 Fall Modified Championship
1967     event not held
1968 Don Collins 100 Fall Modified Championship

Hott Wheels 100

4-22-73_George Allum 87_hottwheels_VL (dugas)
George Allum was the 1973 Hott Wheels 100 winner at NLWS (Rene Dugas photo)
One of the last successful promotions from the original Speedbowl ownership group was the Hott Wheels 100 event.   In its first year of 1973 it was an open competition event slated to start the Speedbowl's season.  The original date was rained out twice, and finally ran on April 22 as the second event of the year.  George Allum took the win, one of his 4 victories in the first 6 events that season.  

Ollie Silva dominated the 1974 Hott Wheels 100 in his #0 Pinto (Rene Dugas photo)
Ollie Silva dominated the second event in his #0 car, basically a Super Modified with a Pinto body on it.  He lapped the entire field during the event with a majority of the field lapped at least a 2nd time as well.  Silva's performance in this 1974 event was profiled in our documentary series on the history of NLWS.

Hott Wheels 100 brought big names throughout the northeast's modified scene, but was discontinued after only 2 years when the track was sold to Harvey Tattersall Jr prior to the 1975 season.

1973 George Allum 100  
1974 Ollie Silva 100 Silva lapped the entire field

The Fall Stinger

DeSarro_72-Stinger-Westboro_VL (uncredited)
The Fall Stinger events originated at Westboro Speedway where Fred DeSarro won the inaugural event in 1972 driving the Boehler #3 car
The Fall Stinger was a United Stock Car Racing Club event that president Harvey Tattersall Jr started at Westboro (MA) Speedway.  When he bought the Speedbowl in early 1975, he moved the event to the shoreline oval.  It was part of the Grand Slam Series of extra-distance events which Tattersall ran in the late 1970's.

9-13-75_Dunn_Stinger_VL (uncredited)
Dick Dunn won the first Fall Stinger held at Waterford in 1975 in route to his 4th straight championship
It was the only career wins at the Speedbowl for winners Bob Polverari and John Rosati.  Rosati's performance was notable for beating Rick Donnelly, who had a record-setting year at the Speedbowl in 1979 in his new Troyer chassis Pinto.  Rosati came from a lap down early in the field to pass Donnelly for the win.

The Stinger was not held in 1977 or 1978, but returned for one more event in 1979, then discontinued altogether.

1972 Fred DeSarro 100  *held at Westboro Speedway
1973 Deke Astle 100  *held at Westboro Speedway
1974 Bugs Stevens 125  *held at Westboro Speedway
1975 Dick Dunn 100 Dunn also won Modified Track Championship
1976 Bob Polverari 100  
1977   100 event not held
1978     event not held
1979 John Rosati 100  

Waterford 200

The Waterford 200 started in 1976 as the Bicentennial 200 in celebration of America's 200th birthday.  Speedbowl regular Don Bunnell won the event in his #318 coupe and took home $1776 for the victory.  The following season, it was rebranded to the Waterford 200.  Like many United promotions, when Dick Williams took over in 1978, he did not carry over the same events.  It returned for 1979 and 1980 (both won by Bob Potter) before Williams took over again in 1981 when it was discontinued.

1976 Don Bunnell 200 promoted as the Bicentennial 200
1977 Joe Tiezzi 200  
1978     event not held this season while Dick Williams was track operator/promoter
1979 Bob Potter 200 Race of Champions qualifier
1980 Bob Potter 200 Potter also won Modified Track Championship

Matco Tools 100

Dick Williams and his Coastal Racing League promotional team began their 2nd stint as Speedbowl operator in 1981.  They introduced an annual Labor Day Weekend Modified event called the Matco Tools 100.  It was run every year of Williams' last tenure at Waterford (1981-84).  It was dominated by Bob Potter who won the 1st 3 in a row.  

1981 Bob Potter 100  
1982 Bob Potter 100  
1983 Bob Potter 100 Potter also won Modified Track Championship
1984 Dale Holdridge 100  

Waterford 200 – The Showdown

In 1989, the Korteweg family created a different version of the old Waterford 200 called The Showdown, now featuring SK Modifieds (or CT Modifieds as they were sometimes called during the Korteweg era).  They initially started out as a 200 lap event run as the last point event of the season.  In 1991, it was moved to Labor Day Weekend, where it remained for 3 seasons (although the 1993 event was rescheduled to late October due to rain).  In 1992, the SK race was shortened to 150 laps, with Late Models (30) and Ltd Sportsman (20) lap counts added in to account for the 200.  In 1994, the event was again moved to a mid-summer event in late July with another adjusted lap distribution among the 3 divisions.  All winners of the SK race were Speedbowl Champions, although none of them won the Showdown during their championship season.  This event was discontinued in 1995 when Terry Eames became the new Speedbowl promoter.  

1989 Dave Gada 200  
1990 Bob Potter 200  
1991 Ted Christopher 200  
1992 Dave Gada 150 200 laps revised to include SK Mods (150), Late Models (30) and Ltd Sportsmen (20)
1993 Ricky Young 150  
1994 Jeff Pearl 125 200 laps revised again to SK Mods (125), Late Models (50) and Ltd Sportsmen (25)

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