8-Cylinder Enduro Career Wins

INCOMPLETE – there are still 8-cylinder Enduro winners we have yet to verify.
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Includes events called Enduro, 8-cylinder Enduro, Pro Enduro and Full Size Enduro

1Kit Fratus2417
2Mark Lewis2136
3Steve Pinkham135
4Eric Donch1124
5Bill Davis1113
Don Culley213
John Sireci33
Rob Goulet1113
8Jason McConnell112
John Anzalone Jr112
John Yagmin112
Richard Page Jr22
Rob Corey112
Rob Goulet112
Russ Lajoie22
15Adam Gray11
Adam Schenking11
Al Rondeau11
Amy Therrien11
Chuck Penachio11
Dale Alexander11
Dave Etheridge11
Dave Sulik11
Derek Armillotto11
Dylan Cabral11
Glen Marion Jr11
James Consalvo11
Jamie Heath11
Jay Stuart11
Jeremy Washburn11
Joe Brockett11
Joe Marrioti11
Josh Galvin11
Michael Richards Jr11
Mike Calder11
Mike Long11
Mike Oakes11
Peter Pollard11
Philip Lespinasse11
Richard Falls11
Rob Oloski11
Russell Burcichi11
Shawn Monahan11
Steve Axton1
Todd DeCater11
Tom Skau11
Tucker Reynolds Jr11
Wayne Moras11
Will Slivinski11

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