Most Divisions with Track Championship

Brody Monahan followed up his 2022 Legend Car championship with the Truck division title in 2023


RankDriverTotal DivisionsDivision Names  
1Allen Coates3SportsmanLate ModelTruck
 Keith Rocco3SportsmanLate ModelSK Modified
3Charlie Webster2Non-FordModified
 Ted Stack2Non-FordModified 
Newt Palm2BomberModified
 Walt Dombrowski2BomberModified 
Bob Potter2ModifiedSK Modified
 Corey Hutchings2SportsmanLate Model 
 Ed Reed Jr2Late ModelSK Modified 
Bruce Thomas Jr2Mini StockLate Model
 Brandon Plemons2Mini StockSportsman 
Jason Palmer2Legend CarLate Model
 Dana DiMatteo2Legend CarSK Light 
Anthony Flannery2Legend CarLate Model
 Timmy Jordan2Late ModelSK Modified 
Wayne Burroughs Jr2Mini StockSK Light
Ken Cassidy Jr2Mini StockTruck
Doug Curry2Mini StockStreet Stock
Isaiah Newcomb2BandoleroLegend Car
Brody Monahan2Legend CarTruck
John O’Sullivan III2Legend CarSK Light


YearDriverDivision Names 
1964Ray DelisleModifiedSportsman Modified A
2002Chris PasteryakSat Legend CarLegend Car – Overall B
2011Frank AlessioSuper X-carSat Showdown Super X-car C
2013Keith Rocco DLate ModelSK Modified
2013Brad VoglesongX-CarSat Showdown X-car C
2013Anthony MarvinBandoleroSat Showdown Bandolero C
2014Keith Rocco DLate ModelSK Modified
2014Zac ThomasX-CarSat Showdown X-car C
2014Anthony MarvinBandoleroSat Showdown Bandolero C
2016Keith Rocco DLate ModelSK Modified
2017Keith Rocco DLate ModelSK Modified

A competed within the Modified division, with separate points tallied in addition to Modified points.  Sportsman class dissolved after Delisle swept both championships in 1964
B 2002 was the only year an Overall Legend Car Champion was honored for most points combined (Wed & Sat)
C division held 6 or fewer point races during the season
D Keith Rocco is only driver above to win two titles with two different cars in two weekly divisions


Drivers who have won both the Wednesday & Saturday Legend Car Championships in the same season

2003Jags Palmer
2009Jason Palmer
2010Anthony Flannery
2011Dana DiMatteo
2014Mike Christopher Jr
2018Peter Bennett
2023Isaiah Newcomb


RankDriverTotal DivisionsDivision Names 
1Newt Palm2(2) Bomber (2) Modified
 Bob Potter2(3) Modified(3) SK Modified
 Allen Coates2(3) Late Model(2) Truck
 Corey Hutchings2(2) Street Stock(2) Late Model
 Keith Rocco2(7) SK Modified(4) Late Model
 Jason Palmer2(4) Legend Car(4) Late Model
Ken Cassidy Jr2(5) Mini Stock(2) Truck

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