Modified Champions

5-time Modified Champion Don Collins in his #106 “Little Jewel” coupe

19513Dave Humphrey
19525Dick Beauregard
1953J-2Melvin ‘Red’ FootePaul Smith
19549Fred LuchesiFred Luchesi
1955106Don CollinsDon Collins
195611Bill SlaterBaldy Simons
1957106Don CollinsDon Collins
1958J-2Melvin ‘Red’ FootePaul Smith
1959V-8Bill SlaterBob Vitari & Vic Bombaci
1960V-8Don CollinsBob Vitari & Vic Bombaci
19614Ted StackSharkey Gaudiosi
196253Dick BeauregardLawrence Maffei & Walter Kensel
1963106Don CollinsDon Collins
19649Ray DelisleBilly Simons
196570Sal ‘Dee’ DeluciaLou DeLucia
1966716Charlie WebsterFred Beaber
1967L&MNewt PalmStanley Lascowski & Stosh Miezejeski
1968L&MNewt PalmStanley Lascowski & Stosh Miezejeski
19699Don CollinsBilly Simons
1970L&MWalt DombrowskiStanley Lascowski & Stosh Miezejeski
197111Joe TrudeauCharles Smith
19723Dick DunnPeg Gaudreau
19733Dick DunnPeg Gaudreau
19743Dick DunnPeg Gaudreau
19753Dick DunnPeg Gaudreau
197614Bob Potter APeg Gaudreau *
197719George ‘Moose’ HewittGeorge Brennan
197819George ‘Moose’ HewittGeorge Brennan
1979111Rick DonnellyRick Donnelly
198051Bob PotterHenry Olszewski & Holly Olszewski
198119George ‘Moose’ HewittGeorge Brennan
198219George ‘Moose’ HewittJack DeNino *
198351Bob PotterRoger Bonville
198403Bruce ‘Gomer’ Taylor CBruce ‘Gomer’ Taylor
19George ‘Moose’ Hewitt CGeorge Brennan

A also drove cars #11RI, 21 & 06
C declared co-champions
* driver did not win championship

During 7 different seasons, Sportsman cars competed with the Modifieds. In those years, Sportsman were awarded separate points and champions

195898Ron NarducciEugene Narducci
19629Hank StevensBilly Simons
19639Hank StevensBilly Simons
19649Ray DelisleBilly Simons
197533Mark LajeunesseAl Lajeunesse
1976715Mike BeebeFrank Konopka
1977111Rick DonnellyRick Donnelly