1995 Speedbowl Scene

In 1995, new track operator Terry Eames coordinated the production of a weekly local TV recapping the events at the Speedbowl for the local WTWS Channel 26 station in New London, CT. Speedbowl Scene was most frequently hosted by Mark ‘MG’ Geer, who was previously an assistant flagman at the Speedbowl and son of Race Director Mark Geer. About halfway through the season, they revamped the show, removing the shop interview segments. They expanded the race highlight segments and occasionally included interviews at the track. Others who were on-screen interviewers in addition to MG Geer were Tony Leckey, Kim Georgiades and Pete Vander Veer.

Below are the complete episodes we’ve been able to restore so far. If anyone has additional episodes on VHS that you would be willing to let us restore, please contact us today!