Banner photo:  the field goes around turn 3 during the 2004 Budweiser Modified Nationals event


In 1998, when the mid-season Pepsi 300 was implemented, the Speedbowl held 3 exclusive extra-distance events for each of its weekly Saturday divisions. The Budweiser Modified Nationals, which began the year before in 1997, and The Finale book-ended each season while the Pepsi 300 was mid-season extra distance event that featured time trial qualifying for each of the NASCAR Weekly divisions. During this time (1998-2009) they were the only extra-distance events for the 4 weekly Saturday divisions and they formed the Waterford Speedbowl Triple Crown.    


The race formats changed a bit over the first 10 seasons. The Modified Nationals was originally a 200-lap SK Modified event. In 2000, the race was called official after 101 laps due to rain. Beginning the following season in 2001, the distance was shortened to 150.  Late Models ran 50 laps, while Street Stocks and Mini Stocks ran 30 lap features. The format for both the Pepsi 300 and Finale were nearly identical – 100 lap features for the SK Modifieds & Late Models and 50 lap features for the Sportsman & Mini Stocks – the only difference being the time trial qualifying for the Pepsi 300, which was also originally a double point event for all divisions from 1998-2000.


When Speedbowl management released the 2010 season schedule, the annual Modified Nationals SK 150 was moved to the Finale event (then the following year to Labor Day weekend), which effectively ended the Triple Crown era where all weekly divisions had their extra-distance events in a 3-race format throughout the year.  Here are the results for all 4 divisions from 1998-2009.

SK Modifieds

Late Models

1998 Bert Marvin Ted Christopher Eric Berndt 1998 Allen Coates Allen Coates Allen Coates
1999 Ted Christopher Bert Marvin Ron Yuhas Jr 1999 Jay Stuart Jay Stuart Jay Stuart
2000 Mark Lajeunesse Tucker Reynolds Jr Ron Yuhas Jr 2000 Jay Stuart Chris Douton Chris Douton
2001 Eric Berndt Ron Silk Ron Yuhas Jr 2001 Mark St. Hiliare Phil Rondeau Larry Goss
2002 Eric Berndt Ron Yuhas Jr Dennis Gada 2002 Corey Hutchings Paul Heard Mark St. Hiliare
2003 Dennis Gada Ted Christopher Dennis Gada 2003 Allen Coates Corey Hutchings Mark St. Hiliare
2004 James Civali Ted Christopher Dennis Charette 2004 Corey Hutchings Phil Rondeau Corey Hutchings
2005 Tom Fox Ron Yuhas Jr Chris Pasteryak 2005 Bruce Thomas Jr Corey Hutchings Charles Bailey III
2006 Frank Ruocco Tom Fox Rob Janovic Jr 2006 Corey Hutchings Allen Coates Allen Coates
2007 Jeff Pearl Jeff Pearl Dennis Gada 2007 Bruce Thomas Jr Dennis Botticello Bruce Thomas Jr
2008 Dennis Gada Jeffery Paul Keith Rocco 2008 Bruce Thomas Jr Bruce Thomas Jr Bruce Thomas Jr
2009 Ron Yuhas Jr Keith Rocco Jeffrey Paul 2009 Marc Curtis Jr Bruce Thomas Jr Timmy Jordan

Street Stocks

Mini Stocks

1998 Corey Hutchings Joe Mancini Jr John Beetham 1998 Billy Guyette Billy Guyette Jeff Miller
1999 Chris Douton Corey Hutchings Corey Hutchings 1999 Jeff Miller Jeff Miller Jeff Diegielewski
2000 Joe Mancini Jr Shawn Monahan Chris Douton 2000 Roger Perry Jeff Miller Bruce Thomas 
2001 Diego Monahan Shawn Monahan Ed Gertsch Jr 2001 Phil Evans Tom Silva Bruce Thomas Jr
2002 Chris Douton Ed Gertsch Jr Tom Silva 2002 Jeff Miller Dan Darnstaedt Phil Evans
2003 Ed Gertsch Jr Jay Lozyniak Chuck Rogers 2003 Richard Brooks Phil Evans Chris Burton
2004 Keith Rocco Keith Rocco Roger Perry 2004 Timmy Jordan Glenn Colvin Richard Brooks
2005 Bill Gertsch Jr Norm Root Jr Joe Curioso III 2005 Ken Cassidy Jr Danny Field Ken Cassidy Jr
2006 Dwayne Dorr Dwayne Dorr Dwayne Dorr 2006 Dave Sylvia Joe Godbout III Ken Cassidy Jr
2007 Bill Gertsch Jr Bill Gertsch Jr Al Stone III 2007 Joe Godbout III Ken Cassidy Jr Ken Cassidy Jr
2008 Al Stone III Al Stone III Brandon Plemons 2008 Randy Churchill Jr Danny Field Ken Cassidy Jr
2009 Josh Galvin Walt Hovey Jr Ronnie Oldham Jr 2009 Ken Cassidy Jr Danny Field Louie Bellisle III



drivers in BOLD completed Career Triple Crown
drivers in RED completed Season Triple Crown sweep