Most Divisions with a Feature Win

Shawn Monahan became the first driver with wins in 8 different divisions with his Truck win in 2022

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1Shawn Monahan8SS, LM, SK, MS, 8E, 4E, Out, TKFirst driver to win in 8 different divisions
2Keith Rocco7SS, SK, LM, TK, NEMAL, Pro4, ModFirst with wins in 6 & 7 different divisions
3Allen Coates5PS, MS, SS, LM, TKFirst driver to win in 5 different divisions
Corey Hutchings5SS, LM, SK, Out, TK
Andrew Molleur5BL, LC, SKL, SK, LM
6Bob Potter4Bom, Mod, SK, LMFirst driver to win in 4 different divisions
Brody Monahan4BL, LC, TK, LM
Cory DiMatteo4BL, LC, SKL, SK
Diego Monahan4MS, SS, LM, SKFirst driver to win in 4 weekly Saturday divisions
Ed Reed Jr4SS, LM, SK, SX
Jeffrey Paul4LC, SKL, SK, LM
Jon Puleo4BL, LC, SKL, SK
Jordan Hadley4XC, MS, SS, LM
Josh Galvin4SS, TK, SKL, 8E
Ted Christopher4SK, Pro4, Mod, NEMAFirst driver to win in 4 open-wheel divisions
16Anthony Flannery3LC, LM, SK
Anthony Nocella3NEMAL, Mod, SMod
Billy Scrivener3Bom, DGA, Mod
Bobby Gada3LM, Mod, SK
Brandon Plemons3MS, SS, TK
Bruce Thomas Jr34E, MS, LM
Charles Beal3SX, SS, MS
Charlie Savage3Bom, Mod, SK
Chris ‘Moose’ Douton3PS, SS, LM
Chris Garside3XC, MS, 4E
Chris Pasteryak3LC, SK, Mod
Corey Fanning3LC, SS, OSS
Dana DiMatteo3LC, SKL, Mod
Dave Etheridge38E, PS, ProS
Dick Ceravolo3DGA, Mod, SK
Don Bunnell3DGA, Mod, SK
Don Fowler3DGA, Mod, SK
Doug Coby3SK, Mod, NEMA
Dylan Cabral38E, XC, 4E
Moose Hewitt3Bom, Mod, SK
Greg Moran3SS, SX, MS
Harry Rice3LM, Mod, SK
Isaiah Newcomb3BL, LC, SKL
Jacob Perry3BL, MS, SKL
James Civali3LC, SKL, LM
Jay Stuart38E, LM, Out
Jerry Pearl3DGA, Mod, SK
John Brouwer Jr3LM, SK, SX
John Cafazzo34E, XC, SX
John Yagmin3SX, 8E, 4E
Johnny Sandberg3NF, Bom, ModFirst driver to win in 3 divisions
Mark Lajoie38E, PS, SS 
Mark Lewis38E, PS, SX
Mike Holdridge3SS, LM, SK 
Moe Gherzi3Mod, ELM, NF
Nick Hovey3BL, SS, SKL
Randy Cabral3NEMA, NEMAL, Pro4
Ray Christian III3MS, LM, GSPSS
Rich Staskowski3SX, SS, LM
R.J. Marcotte3LC, SKL, SK
Rob Oloski3MS, 4E, 8E
Rob Summers3SK, Mod, ISMA
Russ Lajoie38E, PS, SS, LM
Sam Mesick3XC, 4E, MS
Steven Chapman3LC, SKL, 4E
Timmy Jordan3MS, LM, SK
Tom Abele Jr3ALNS, SK, SKL
Tom Fox3Mod, LM, SK
Tucker Reynolds Jr38E, PS, SK
Vin Esposito3LC, LM, TK
68Aaron Plemons2SX, SS
Al Rondeau28E, LM
Andrew Morin2BL, TK
Andy Guimond2DGA, LM
Arnie Harris2Mod, NF
Avery Stoehr2NEMA, NEMAL
Ben Seitz2LC, NEMA
Benny Derosier2NF, ELM
Bill Gertsch Jr2SS, SKL
Bill Greco2Mod, NF
Bill Leonard2MS, TK
Bill Rheaume2XC, SX
Bo Norman2SX, SS
Bob Gada2DGA, Mod 
Bob Greene2MS, LM
Bobby Santos III2NEMA, Mod
Brad Caddick2SKL, MS
Brian McCarthy2DGA, LM
Bubby Brouwer2LM, SKL
Carl Eriksson2Pro4, LM
Charles Bailey III2SS, LM 
Charlie Webster2Mod, NF
Chris Correll2TK, SKL
Chuck Penachio2MS, 8E
Chuck Rogers2MS, SS
Corey Coates2TK, SS
Dale Holdridge2Mod, SK
Dan Butler2MS, SX
Dan Darnstaedt2MS, SS
Dave Berghman2Mod, Pro4
Dave Farrington Jr2LM, ProS
Dave Gada2LM, SK
Dave Sullivan2MS, ALNS
Dennis Charette2SK, SKL
Dennis Gada2LM, SK
Dennis Perry2MS, SS
Derek Armillotto24E, 8E
Devin DeShaies2LC, TK
Dick Beauregard2Mod, NF
Dick Caso2Mod, Bom
Dick Dixon2ELM, NF
Dick Dunn2Mod, Bom
Dick Houlihan2ProS, Pro4
Dom DeLaura2Mod, NF
Don Bachand2Mod, NF
Don Collins2Mod, NF
Doug Curry2MS, SS
Duane Noll2Out, TK
Dwayne Dorr2MS, SS
Dylan Izzo2LC, SK
Ed Flemke Jr2SK, Mod 
Ed McAvoy2Bom, NF
Ed Moody2Mod, Bom
Ed Priest2NF, Bom 
Ed Puleo2SS, SK 
Ed Ryan Jr2SX, TK
Emma Monahan2BL, TK
Eric Donch28E, SX
Eric Finkbein Jr2SX, XC
Ernie Bertrand2MS, LM
Ethan Durocher2SKL, BL
Fred Sentell2DGA, LM
Gary Hartson2DGA, LM
Gary Limitone2LM, SS
George Allum2DGA, Mod
George Whitney2SS, LC
Glen Marion Jr28E, 4E
Glen Thomas Jr2XC, MS
Glenn Boss2SS, NESM
Glenn Colvin2MS, LM 
Glynn Shafer2Mod, Bom
Greg Moran Jr2SX, SS
Hank Stevens2Mod, NF
Harold ‘Curly’ Lemay2Mod, NF
Jiggs Beetham2DGA, Mod
Jake Trainor2NEMA, NEMAL
Jason Palmer2LC, LM
Jason Paquette24E, XC
Jeff Karns2MS, LM
Jeff Mehlenbacher2XC, MS
Jeff Smith2LM, SKL
Jerry Dostie2Mod, Bom
Jerry Glaude2Mod, Bom
Jim Allen2SS, MS
Jim Boyle2SX, TK
Jim Gookins2SS, MS
Jimmy Pont2MS, SS
Jocko Maggiacomo2ELM, Mod
Joe Arena2SS, Out
Joe Coates2SS, LM
Joe Curioso III2SS, LM
Joe Lemay2MTK, Pro4
Joe McNulty2Mod, NF
Joe Perry2MS, LM
Joey Polewarczyk2ACT, GSPSS
Joey Ternullo2BL, LC
John Anderson 2SK, Mod 
John Anzalone Jr28E, PS
John O’Sullivan III2LC, SKL
John Rosati2Mod, ProS
Jon McKennedy2Mod, ISMA
Jon Porter2SX, SS
Jonathon Avery2SS, TK
Jordan Churchill2BL, LC
Kaz Grala2BL, LC
Keith Eves2DGA, LM
Ken Cassidy2SS, SX 
Ken Cassidy Jr2MS, TK
Ken Holbrook24E, XC
Kevin Debbis2LM, TK
Kyle Gero2XC, TK
Kyle James2MS, SK
Larry Lanphear2Mod, SK
Larry Loomis Jr2XC, MS
Les Fletcher2DGA, LM
Lou Caso2Bom, DGA
Lou Cicconi Jr2ISMA, NEMA
Lou Tetreault2Mod, NF
Louie Bellisle III2SS, MS
Mark Bakaj2SK, LC
Mark Cooper2SX, SS
Mark Lajeunesse2Mod, SK
Mark St. Hilaire2SS, LM
Matt Galko2SK, SKL
Matt Kobyluck2LM, NBNS
Michael Blansfield28E, PS
Michael Gada2LM, SK
Michael Richards Jr28E, SX
Mike Caprio Jr2SX, SS
Mike Daignault2DGA, LM
Mitch Bombard2XC, SX
Newt Palm2Mod, Bom
Nichole (Morgillo) Thibeault2SK, SKL
Nick Sowa2BL, LC
Paul Dorothy Jr2SS, LM
Paul Kusheba IV2LC, SK
Pete Zaikarite Jr24E, XC, MS
Peter Pollard2SX, 8E
Phil Evans2MS, SS
Phil Rondeau2LM, SK
Philip Lespinasse24E, 8E
P.J. Evans2BL, LC
Randy Cabral2NEMA, NEMAL
Randy Caddick2SKL, XC
Randy Churchill Jr2MS, SKL
Ray Delisle2Mod, NF
Ray Moran2Mod, NF
Red Foote2Mod, NF
Richard Brooks24E, MS
Rick Donnelly2Mod, SK
Rick Fuller2SK, Mod
Rob Corey2SX, 8E
Rob Janovic Jr2LM, SK
Roger Perry2MS, SS
Ron Cote2DGA, LM
Ron Silk2SK, Mod
Ron Yuhas Jr2SK, LM
Russ Holly2PS, SKL
Ryan Bigelow2NEMA, NEMAL
Ryan Morgan2LC, LM
Ryan Preece2Mod, SK
Sam Mazzella2Mod, NF
Scott Poirier2SK, LM
Shawn Gaedeke2SX, SS
Stephen Kopcik2LC, SK
Steve Axton28E, SX
Steve Pinkham28E, 4E
Ted Stack2Mod, NF
Tim Morrissette28E, PS
T.J. Racicot2XC, 4E
Todd Ceravolo2LM, SK
Todd Taylor2SX, TK
Tom Gaudreau2SS, LM
Tommy Barrett Jr2ALNS, Mod
Tommy Silva2MS, SS
Tony Macrino2LM, SS
Tracy Golas2MS, LC
Tyler Chapman2LM, TK
Walt Dombrowski2Bom, Mod 
Wayne Burroughs Jr2MS, SKL
Wayne Coury Jr2LM, Out 
Will Slivinski28E, SX
Woody Pitkat2SK, Mod
Zach Martinez2BL, LC


1Keith Rocco42013SK, LM, Mod, Pro4
2Keith Rocco32012SK, LM, NEMAL
Corey Hutchings32013SS, Out, TK
Keith Rocco32014SK, LM, Mod 
Josh Galvin32015SS, SKL, TK
Randy Cabral32018NEMA, NEMAL, Pro4
7Charlie Webster21956Mod, NF
Dick Beauregard21958Mod, NF
Ray Moran21958Mod, NF
Dick Beauregard21959Mod, NF
Dick Beauregard21960Mod, NF
Don Collins21960Mod, NF
Ted Stack21960Mod, NF
Arnie Harris21961Mod, NF
Charlie Webster21961Mod, NF
Ted Stack21961Mod, NF
Billy Scrivener21965Bom, DGA
Bob Potter21965Bom, Mod
Bob Potter21983Mod, LM 
Rick Donnelly21985SK, Mod
Ted Christopher21988SK, P4 
Phil Rondeau21990SK, LM
Chuck Penachio219908E, MS
Phil Rondeau21991SK, LM
Allen Coates21992SS, MS
Phil Rondeau21993SK, LM
Phil Rondeau21994SK, LM
Ted Christopher21998SK, NEMA
Moose Douton22000SS, LM
Moose Douton22001SS, LM
Tom Fox22002LM, SK
Jeffrey Paul22005LC, SKL
Bill Leonard22009MS, TK
Jeffrey Paul22010SK, LM
Keith Rocco22010SK, TK
Jason Palmer22011LM, LC
Keith Rocco22011SK, LM
Doug Coby22012Mod, SK
Duane Noll22012TK, Out
Ed Puleo22014SK, SS
Keith Rocco22015SK, LM
Keith Rocco22016SK, LM
Ted Christopher22016SK, P4
Jordan Hadley22017MS, SS
Keith Rocco22017SK, LM
Shawn Monahan220174E, MS
Jordan Hadley22018MS, SS
Shawn Monahan220184E, SS
Shawn Monahan22020SS, Out 
Jason Palmer22020LM, LC
Tyler Chapman22020LM, TK
John O’Sullivan III22021LC, SKL
Jake Trainor22021NEMA, NEMAL
Isaiah Newcomb22022LC, SKL
John O’Sullivan III22022LC, SKL
Derek Armillotto220224E, 8E
Randy Cabral22023NEMA, NEMAL
Glen Marion Jr220238E, 4E
Brody Monahan22023TK, LM

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