50 Favorite Drivers


On Saturday July 29, 2000, the Waterford Speedbowl unveiled it’s 50 Favorite Drivers in Speedbowl history as part of the track’s year-long celebration of it’s 50th consecutive racing season.  The on-track ceremony was held during the annual Nostalgia Weekend festivities, and the vast majority of the living members on the list were in attendance.  The event was organized by Speedbowl historian Dave Dykes and was voted on by Speedbowl fans over several months.

The amount of votes each competitor received was not released, however the Speedbowl did announce the Top 3 vote-getters (in no particular order) were Don Collins, George “Moose” Hewitt and Bob Potter.  Between them, they have 16 Modified Championships and over 200 feature wins at the Waterford Speedbowl to their credit.  


Below is the complete alphabetical list of all the drivers recognized during the July 2000 event.


segment produced by Vault Productions for the Speedbowl Documentary Series


  • Collectively, the 50 drivers account for over 1,400 feature victories and 82 different Speedbowl Track Championships, including every Modified Championship from 1959-1970 and every Late Model Championship from 1985-1997.
  • Divisions the 50 drivers won in during their Speedbowl careers include Modifieds, Non-Fords, Bombers, Daredevils, Late Models and SK Modifieds
  • Ed Reed Jr is the only driver on the list with a Sportsman division career win.  
  • Eddie & Don Bunnell were the only brothers on the list
  • The Pearls (Jerry & Jeff) and the Gadas (Bob & Dennis) were the two father-son duos who made the list.