Speedbowl Doc Shorts – TC & the North End Auto Parts #54

We’ve decided to share some segments of our #SpeedbowlDocSeries in hopes to drive traffic to the complete series of feature-length films. Our first entry comes from Part 4 (1985-1994) and profiles Ron Berndt’s North End Auto Parts #54 car at the Speedbowl, and specifically when Ted Christopher drove it from 1987-1993. This segment was built around a great interview with Ron’s grandson Eric Berndt and also includes Mark Bourcier, Ed Puleo, Ken Cassidy Jr, Jeff Pearl, Eric Webster, Rob Janovic Jr., Shawn Monahan and Philip Rondeau. We’re saddened that we lost Teddy before this was completed, but we like to think that he’d enjoy how it came out. If you only remember Teddy at the Speedbowl in the DiPisa #13 or the Galante #13… or you aren’t aware of the Berndt family’s long history in our sport… or you didn’t know Rondeau drove another SK Modified besides than the Sylvestri #8 car… then you need to watch this.